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Cargo Short Schwarz
Cargo Short Black
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Cargo Jogger Schwarz
Cargo Jogger Black
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Skinny Jeans & Joggers

Skinny Jeanshosen & Jogger

The jeans and sweatpants get that certain something with different finishing thicknesses. Each jeans is individually made and is characterised by its tight fit and the Destroyed look. The denim trousers are made of a strong and high-quality denim material. The blended fabric made of 98% cotton and 2% elastane contributes to optimal wearing properties. Our sweatpants are distinguished by their loose yet high-quality style and can therefore be combined for any occasion.

Lineage Skinny Jeanshosen & Jogger

Pants were originally made of cotton, but they were less suitable as working clothes. Therefore, in the French town of Statt Genes (debate in English jeans) with immigration to America and the ulterior motive of producing robust working clothes, under the current name jeans was produced.

Joggers, on the other hand, were produced in the past exclusively for jogging or as tracksuit shorts for sport. The texture is extremely similar to the T-shirt, as it is often made of the same fabric. Often├╝ ndchen in the ankle and waistband area are integrated for a firmer hold. Nowadays, however, the jogger is also worn as a fashionable accessory or streetwear look

Multiply Apparel Skinny Jeans and Jogger

In our assortment we offer a wide range of different jeans and joggers. In addition to the typical tight jeans, jeans in used look are also available. These pants can be perfectly combined with the Oversize T-Shirt or Oversize Hoodie. A selection of the hoodies can be found here. The overview of the t-shirts can be found at here.

Multiply Apparel manufacture Jeans Denim & Jogger

Our jogging pants are available in other and different variations. The product range includes, among others, cargo joggers, vintage joggers, plain sweatpants, sweatpants with pockets on the sides or short-stretched sweatpants up to the knee. It is of course a perfect way to combine them with our T-shirts and hoodies. Our skinny jeans and jogging pants are subject to the demand to be produced to the highest quality. All products are produced only to a certain order quantity and are therefore limited and exclusive products.